EUF Certification

European and International Standards define the state of the art for safety and quality of scuba diving training organisations and dive centers.

EUF Certification International provides them the opportunity to prove their competence and quality of service and confirms as an independent body, that a service has been tested and that its quality is subject to proper control mechanisms.

scuba diving instructor with two divers

Certification of Training Organisations/System

All entities providing recreational scuba diving training systems and certification and which assume responsibility for the implementation and quality management of scuba diver and scuba instructor training can apply for certification. The standards provide the opportunity for certification of scuba divers as well as for scuba diving instructors. READ MORE

Certification of Dive Centers

Any company which offers one or more of the following services may apply for the certification:

  • training and education of recreational divers
  • organised and guided diving for certified divers
  • rental of diving equipment