Relevant standards for the certification of dive centers

EN 14467 / ISO 24803

The standard EN 14467 / ISO 24803 specifies performance requirements for the service provider, commonly known as the "Dive Center".

A service provider can offer scuba diver training and education, guided dives and rental of diving equipment, and can offer courses leading to one or more of the scuba diver or scuba instructor qualifications specified in.

This International Standard specifies requirements for each of these services separately. Thus, although a client might be provided with two services at the same time, for example diver training and rental of diving equipment, the client is considered to be in receipt of two distinct services.

Service providers may often supply compressed breathing gases. This service is not covered in this International Standard as it is usually covered by national legislation.

This International Standard for service providers has a key role in this series of standards for recreational diving services as it specifies requirements that are common to the provision of training and certification of scuba divers and scuba instructors as specified in the other standards in the series.