Certification of Trainings Organisations/System

How certification works

All entities providing recreational scuba diving training systems and certification and which assume responsibility for the implementation and quality management of scuba diver and scuba instructor training can apply for certification.

Document review

On submission of the application for certification, the training organisation must provide specified information and documentation (e.g. training standards, training material for students). These are checked as to whether they meet the requirements of the applicable standards and justify the performance of on-site audits.

Audit team

Assessments within the framework of the certification procedures are carried out by an audit team. This audit team is composed of a Lead Auditor who is appointed by Austrian Standards  and a Technical Auditor who is a professional from the diving training industry.

On-site audits

In order to validate the practical aspects of the training system, on-site audits are performed by the observation of a number of scuba diver and scuba instructor training events at appropriate levels. The number of training events to be audited is determined from the number of certifications issued per year.

Issue of certificate

EUF Certification International assesses on the basis of the audit report  as to whether the training organisation has met all requirements in accordance with the European/International Standards. The certificate will be valid for a maximum of 5 years.


Get more information about the relevant standards EN 14153/ISO 24801 and EN 14413/ISO 24802.