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EN 14153-1 / ISO 24801-1

This Standard specifies the competencies that a scuba diver has to have achieved in order for a service provider to award the scuba diver certification indicating that he has met or exceeded scuba diver level 1 "Supervised Diver" and specifies assessment of these competencies.

Competencies of a recreational scuba diver at level 1 "Supervised Diver"

A scuba diver at level 1 "Supervised Diver" shall be trained to have sufficient knowledge, skill and experience to dive in open water under the direct supervision of a dive leader.

Scuba divers at level 1 "Supervised Diver" are qualified to dive within the following parameters accompanied by a dive leader:

  • dive to a recommended maximum depth of 12 m under the direct supervision of a dive leader,
  • dive in groups of up to four level 1 scuba divers per dive leader provided the dive leader is capable of establishing physical contact with all level 1 scuba divers at any point during the dive,
  • make dives which do not require in-water decompression stops,
  • dive only when appropriate support is available at the surface,
  • dive under conditions that are equal or better than the conditions where they were trained.

If accompanied by a scuba instructor, a scuba diver at level 1 may gain progressive experience beyond these parameters and develop competency in managing more challenging diving conditions designed to lead to higher qualifications.

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