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EN 14153-2 / ISO 24801-2

This standard specifies the competencies that a scuba diver has to have achieved in order for a service provider to award the scuba diver certification indicating that he has met or exceeded scuba diver level 2 "Autonomous Diver" and assessment of these competencies.

Competencies of a recreational scuba diver at level 2 "Autonomous Diver"

A scuba diver at level 2 "Autonomous Diver" shall be trained to have sufficient knowledge, skill and experience to dive with other scuba divers of at least the same level in open water without supervision of a scuba instructor.

Scuba divers at level 2 "Autonomous Diver" are qualified to dive within the following parameters unless they have additional training or are accompanied by a dive leader:

  • dive to a recommended maximum depth of 20 m with other scuba divers of the same level,
  • make dives, which do not require in-water decompression stops,
  • dive only when appropriate support is available at the surface,
  • dive under conditions that are equal or better than the conditions where they were trained.

If diving conditions are significantly different from those previously experienced, a scuba diver at level 2 "Autonomous Diver" requires an appropriate orientation from a dive leader.

If accompanied by a scuba instructor, a scuba diver at level 2 "Autonomous Diver" may gain progressive experience beyond these parameters and develop competency in managing more challenging diving conditions (e.g. increased depth and current, reduced visibility, extreme temperatures) designed to lead to higher qualifications.

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